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The Undeniable Benefits of Asphalt Roofs

The global asphalt roofs market registers a 3.8% compound annual growth rate. It’s estimated to reach a market value of $9,722.4 million by 2027.

Replacing your home’s roof is a significant home improvement project that must be completed on a regular basis. There is no way to avoid the requirement for a new roof if you would like to continue living in a home that is protected from the elements and pests.

When it comes time to replace your roof, the first step is to select the appropriate roofing material.

There are numerous materials to choose from, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. But asphalt shingles are the most common pick among homeowners for a reason!

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Durability and Longevity

The weather can have many negative effects on the roofing. That’s why having water-resistant roofing is a wise decision. Asphalt roofing materials have a high level of weather resistance.

An asphalt roofing is very durable and resistant to all weather conditions. That’s the reason they last for decades without the need for a roof repair.

The typical lifespan of asphalt roofs is 30 years. But, you can prolong that with regular maintenance and roof inspection.

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High Value at a Low Roof Cost

Asphalt roofs are the most cost-effective residential roofing materials. They offer high performance at a lower cost.

That means you don’t have to break your budget when thinking about the roof cost. You will receive high-quality roofing at an affordable price.

Compared to other materials, an asphalt roof costs the least to repair, renovate and maintain. Also, they are easy to dispose of when they reach the end of their lifespan.

Some roofing contractors offer accurate up-front pricing and other payment options. They often include financing. Remember, asphalt roof installation costs less than other roofing types.

In the long run, slate roofs, metal roofs, shake roofs, and other roofs do not offer the same value as asphalt roofs.

Variety of Styles and Colors

Asphalt roofs are popular due to their versatility with style and color. They are available in a huge range of colors. Picking the right shade of tinting enhances your curb appeal before a sale.

You have to pick a roofing material that works with the rest of your home. An asphalt roof is best because it has many shades that will work with the rest of your home.

Other roofing options do not offer many color options. Note that asphalt roofs can also cover large or complex roofing systems.

If you worry about the right color for your apartment, asphalt roofs will be perfect. You can choose from a wide range of colors that can fit your home.

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Withstands High Winds

High winds present problems worldwide. Your primary concern should be if your roof can handle the wind effect in your area.

Water will sneak in underneath when the wind manages to lift your roof, leaving you with a leaky roof. But, manufacturers have made asphalt roofs more affordable than they were a few years ago.

Since some manufacturers offer high-wind limited warranties, check on the guidelines and warranties.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is another benefit of having Asphalt roofing. Your roofer installs the whole system when you choose an asphalt roof. The underlayment roofers install in your home makes it more energy efficient.

You can choose shingles in light, medium, and some dark tones. The different tones reflect a higher sun infrared intensity.

When most people in a large metropolitan area use this type of roof, we can lower the indoor temperature by two degrees on hot sunny days. That lets you use less energy to cool down your home.

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Asphalt roofs have a long life expectancy. They aren’t too heavy or too light.

The roofing is durable, and it also has excellent uplift resistance. You do not have to worry much about fires. Asphalt roofs have excellent fire resistance.

The roofs have minimal leak problems.

Ease of Installation

An asphalt roof installation is relatively easy. So, the installation will not take much of your time. That means you get to spend less on labor costs.

The asphalt roofs are also easy to repair and maintain. You need no extra structure to carry the weight. With this kind of roofing, there is no need to install ice stops on your roofing.

Design Variety

Asphalt roofs are in a wide range of rich architectural styles. Most home styles use the traditional 3-tab shingles.

Premium and dimensional asphalt shingles are available in various styles. Some asphalt roofing materials will mimic how other materials look, like the slate and cedar shakes.

That way, you enjoy other roofing materials advantages without their drawbacks.

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Sound Resistance

Another advantage to having asphalt roofs is their ability to insulate sound. They have a sound dampening capability that ensures the house is quiet.

The complete asphalt roofing system offers sound protection. The roofing is quieter than metal roofs, but it depends on the design.

Consider Installing Asphalt Roofs

The advantages of having asphalt roofs are now clear. With the many roofing options in the market, you have to choose asphalt roofs for your home.

Note that roofs will vary in price. You must contact a professional roofer to estimate your next roof replacements. That way, you will get the best deal on your next roofing repair.

At Best Roofing Estimates, we have tools that will aid you in calculating the price of roof repairs and replacements. We will assist you in getting the best price quotes from roofing companies in your area.

Contact us to get a quote.

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  1. My mom is looking for a cost-effective upgrade path that can transform the aesthetics of her home. I love your idea of investing in asphalt roofing because it comes in several styles without compromising longevity. I think consulting a roofer can make this idea of hers a reality!

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