How Much Does It Cost To Replace A 2200 Sq Ft Roof?

A 2200 square-foot roof will cost the average homeowner between $5700 -$9100.  Your home needs a new roof and there are many factors working into that. CAN WE HELP YOU SAVE? Find out what the real cost is to replace a 2200 sq ft roof.


When the first raindrop hits your head as you’re enjoying a quiet evening at home in your recliner, you know there’s a big project ahead of you. Time to replace the roof or at least have it looked at for repair.

To replace a 2,200 sq ft roof, you’re going to need some time, money, and knowledge. Your first searches may lead you to some startling results. Replacing a roof costs might cost more than your first car did.

However, experts estimate that a roof replacement brings a return on investment of up to 60 to 68 percent. Plus, you’re protecting your assets in the process.

Cost to Replace a 2200 Sq Ft Roof

cost to replace a 2200 square foot roofThe cost of a new home roof varies based on the material as well as a number of other factors. Here’s a breakdown of roof costs based just on materials for a 2,200 square-foot roof:

  • Metal roof: $8,300 and $22,000
  • Asphalt shingle: $6,400 to $22,000
  • Tile roof: $20,500 to $34,500
  • Slate: $12,800 to $21,000

While replacing a roof is not a DIY job for the average person, you can ensure a contractor is being fair by estimating the cost of shingles on your own. If you’re opting for a new asphalt shingle roof, here’s a basic guide.

Shingle manufacturers will price roofing by the 100-square-foot area. Here’s what you need to do to figure out how much your shingles should cost and the amount of roofing you will need:

  1. Multiply the width by the length of each section of your roof to measure the area.
  2. Add an extra ten percent. You will need this extra to allow for waste.
  3. Divide the number by 100 to figure out how many squares your roof will need.
  4. Plan on buying extra bundles of roofing in case you need to repair the roof in the future. Manufacturers do sometimes stop making particular types of roofing.

If you have a 2,200 square-foot roof, plan on purchasing up to 30 squares. You will have eight extra squares to cover the waste and provide extra shingles should you need them in the future.

Even though you’re going to need a given number of squares, few roofing manufacturers sell roofing by the square. They usually bundle the squares together. You typically need three to five bundles for one square of your roof.

The manufacturer should say exactly how many feet each bundle covers. The heavier the shingle, the less coverage for each bundle.

How Much Does it Cost to Repair a 2200 Square Foot Roof?

A single leak does not necessarily mean you need an entirely new roof. Have a contractor assess your roof to determine if you can get by with a repair for now.

Repairing a 2,200 sq ft roof will cost you less than a new roof. Most common roof repairs vary with costs as little as $150 and as much as over a thousand dollars. Labor for roofers varies from $45 to $75 an hour depending on where you live.

Roof Replacement Factors

Several factors play into the cost of replacing a roof. The cost of shingles is just one element. Here are a few other factors to keep in mind as you shop around for roof contractors:

  • Where do you live: your location and region factor into the cost of your roof.
  • How tall is your home: the number of stories increases the risk of the roofer and potentially the cost of labor
  • How steep is your roof: the pitch of the roof determines the number of shingles you’ll need as well as the potential for harm. A steep-pitched roof takes longer to shingle as well compared to a low-pitch roof.
  • What’s the current state of your roof: replacing a roof will cost more if you have multiple layers of old shingles to remove first.

The type and quality of shingles you choose also factor into the overall replacement cost. A 30-year shingle, for example, will cost you between $9,000 and $16,500 to replace whereas a 50-year shingle will cost between $11,000 and $18,500.

Choosing a Roofing Contractor

As you begin to shop around for the best deal, keep in mind the essential factors for a good contractor:

  • Locally and state licensed: the contractor should have proper licensing.
  • Longevity: look for a contractor who has been installing roofs for at least five years
  • Reputation: ask around. You want a contractor with a good reputation. Ask the contractor for references.
  • Proof of bonding: ask the contractor for their proof of bonding to ensure he’s qualified.
  • Insured: make sure the contractor has an active certificate of insurance for both workers’ compensation and liability.

Look for three different contractors and request bids. Then examine the bids. Ask for a breakdown of the following costs:

  • Price of the shingles
  • Labor costs for removing old shingles
  • Labor costs for installing new shingles
  • Contingency budget that lays out the cost of new sheathing if necessary

You should also ask about warranties. Some companies have workmanship warranties apart from the shingle warranty. Some warranties will stretch as far as 50 years while others only cover the first couple of years.

If you’re searching online for quotes, make sure the company has a clear privacy policy that protects your information.

Paying For a New Roof

If you’ve received damage to your roof from a recent storm, your insurance company may cover the cost of replacing the roof. They have a vested interest in protecting your home as well.

If your insurance won’t cover your roof, you still have a few other options. Some roofing companies offer payment plans that spread your cost over a series of months. You will most likely have to pay interest as well with this plan.

You can also apply for a home equity loan, a property improvement loan, or a personal loan.

Protect Your Home

Ultimately, when you replace a 2200 sq ft roof, you should plan on spending thousands of dollars. However, you’re also investing in your most valuable asset when you protect your home.

Don’t skimp. Look for the best deal and then invest in your home.

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