How Much Does Roof Replacement Cost in Dallas, TX?

Depending on the type of roofing material and the size of your roof, people in Dallas will pay between $5500 and $11,496 for a full roof replacement. Most roofs will last 20 – 50 years, but at some point, it will need replacement. If you’re in Dallas, here’s your roof replacement cost.

Did you know that new roofs can last you anywhere between 20 and 70 years depending on the material that you install? That’s a pretty large gap. Are you willing to spend a bit more to have your roof last closer to the 60/70 years?

No matter how big or little your property is, there comes a point where every homeowner needs a new roof. Understanding the average roof replacement cost in Dallas TX will help you identify when you’ve found a noteworthy price.

See below for an in-depth guide on a typical Dallas roof replacement and a breakdown of the price by material and labor.

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What to Look for in a Dallas Roof Replacement

It’s always wise to request quotes from multiple roofing contractors and companies whenever you need a roof replacement or repair.

Too many people jump on the first offer they receive. If you do so, you risk either paying too much for the service you need to be performed (and wasting money) or paying for a cheap service that can’t fulfill your needs.

Here at Best Roofing Estimates, we encourage you to focus on the return on your investment, not necessarily finding the lowest price possible.

As we mentioned in the intro, a roof can last as long as 70 years (metal roofs). Who wouldn’t be okay paying for the average roof replacement cost in Dallas for a roof that will last several decades?

The Average Roof Replacement Cost in Dallas TX

Perhaps this is your first time investing in a roof replacement as a homeowner. Maybe you’re from a different city originally and aren’t sure what the average is in the Dallas area.

It’s important to know the average roof replacement cost. You can use this information as you request multiple estimates from local contractors on our website.

That way, you’ll have more confidence and leverage in the roofing contractor that you hire.

Statistics have shown that Dallas TX homeowners typically average a minimum roof replacement cost of around $6,300. On the contrast, homeowners can also expect a maximum average cost of around $8,000 and some change. So, about a $2,000 range to work with.

With the maximum and minimum roof replacement costs, we can deduce that the Dallas TX averages around $7,100 for a roof replacement.

For those of you that would consider your house larger than the Dallas average, you can expect to pay close to the maximum. If you consider your home to be on the smaller side, then the minimum is reasonable to expect.

The cost depends on a variety of different factors. Fortunately, most roofing contractors use the same factors (generally) to give you your estimates.

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The Four Factors of a Roof Replacement Cost

When looking at the average cost of Dallas roof replacements, you were probably wondering to yourself “how can I tell which side of the average I’ll be on?”.

Truth be told, there are many factors that contractors use to determine the price. While many contractors have different ways to calculate it, there are four universal factors that they all use. We touched on one (roof size) briefly in the last paragraph.

The four factors of a roof replacement cost are:

  • The size of your roof
  • How much your roof slants
  • The material you wish to install
  • The extensiveness of removing your current roof

Each of these is pretty self-explanatory. The bigger your roof, the higher the price will be. The more difficult your current roof material is to remove, the more you should budget for.

We’ll use each of these factors to determine how much you can expect your roof replacement cost to be.

How Size, Material, and Labor Play a Factor

The removal cost is entirely dependent on the current material of your roof. There aren’t any concrete numbers we can throw at you for this one. All we’ll say is that the larger and more expensive the material, the higher price you should expect.

As for your roof size, all roofing contractors either measure out your roof by square or by the square foot. We’ll use square footage to give you some ballpark prices.

The most common roof materials in Dallas—and all of Texas, really—are asphalt shingle roofs and metal roofs. They offer a high return on your investment at a reasonable price.

For asphalt materials, you can expect to pay around $2 to $6 per square foot. For metal roofs, you should expect to pay around $10 to $17 per square foot. Both of these prices are before labor costs are included.

Labor costs are an essential piece to the puzzle. Many homeowners make the mistake of turning their roof replacement into a DIY project to try and cut some costs off the overall total. That would be a massive mistake.

While there are several easy DIY projects to do around the house, a roof replacement is not one of them. One false move and you could be dealing with thousands of dollars in water damage that won’t be covered by your home insurance.

Not to mention that labor costs are only a fraction of the total. For example, on asphalt roofs, labor costs only add $1 to $2 more per square foot. For metal roofs, they only add $3 to $5 per square foot. Seems worth the price, doesn’t it?

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