Metal Roof Cost: Price Breakdown In 2022

metal roof cost

In 2017, over 15 percent of roof installations included metal. This data isn’t surprising, as metal roofs have many advantages. These include fire resistance and a decades-long lifespan.


You likely have heard about these advantages and are considering getting one yourself. However, you don’t want to spend the time searching for every aspect’s cost.

This article breaks down each metal roof cost. It will include information about different metal roof panels, colors, and more.

If you’ve been looking up these things, read this article. It will save you time and help you estimate what you can afford.

Metal Roof Average Cost (National)

  • Per Square Foot – $10.50 to $18.50
  • 1,700 sq ft – $17,850 to $31,450

Keep in mind that this price doesn’t include the material alone. It also includes such necessities as warranties, installation, building permits, and site clean-up.

Consider also that your area may be more or less expensive than this average. For example, in some places along the West Coast, standing seam metal roofs can cost around $14.50 to $20.00 per square foot.

Metal Roof Labor

  • Per sq ft (Metal) – $3.50 to $4.00
  • Per sq ft (Average) – $1.50 to $3.00
  • 1,700 sq ft (Metal) – $5,950 to $6,800
  • 1,700 sq ft (Average) – $2,550 to $5,100

Notice that the cost of metal roof installation labor is higher than the average metal roof cost. This is mostly because metal roofers typically need more tools, training, and time than other roofers do.

Other roofing materials can be nailed down. Metal roof types are often interlocking and need precise patterning. Therefore, metal roof specialists need to use specific know-how and care on projects.


Metal Roof Types

Metal roofing suppliers don’t just make shingles. There are plenty of other choices of roofing shapes for you to choose from.

Each one of these has its own average price. Consider that these can be more or less expensive than other types depending on the specific metal used.

Standing Seam Panels

  • Per sq foot – $2.00 to $10.00
  • $1,700 sq foot – $3,400 to $170,000

Standing seam panels are long pieces of metal. Some interlock, while others need to be fastened with special metal locks. The vertical ‘ribs’ on each panel hide what holds the panels together.


  • Per sq foot – $5.50 to $6.50
  • $1,700 sq foot – $9,350 to $11,050

Metal roofing supplies shape metal tiles to resemble clay tiles. You may like the look of the latter roofing type, but not its disadvantages. With metal tiles, you don’t have to sacrifice look for metal roof advantages.

Shingles or Shakes

  • Per sq foot – $2.00 to $6.00
  • $1,700 sq foot – $3,400 to $10,200

Shingles or shakes are mostly flat. Metal shakes resemble the rougher look of wood ones. This can be useful for certain aesthetics, such as with cabins.


Metal Roof Materials

One place where you can lower your total cost is in the material. Different metals are cheaper or more expensive than others. However, in choosing a cheaper metal, you may sacrifice certain qualities.


  • Per sq ft – $14.00 – $22.00
  • $1,700 sq ft – $23,800 – $37,400

As you can see, copper roofs are the most expensive. Much of this is because of the rarity of the material.

However, if you can afford it, you can benefit from its advantages. These include its durability and lighter weight.


  • Per sq ft – $3.35 – $4.50
  • $1,700 sq ft – $5,695 – $7,650

There are actually some different steel roofings. These include galvanized and stainless versions. Each of these ‘additions’ raises or lowers the price.

Steel itself is an excellent material. There’s a reason it’s so popular in skyscrapers. It’s not only durable but very strong.


  • Per sq ft – $5.65 – $11
  • $1,700 sq ft – $9,605 – $18,700

Zinc is one of the pricier metal materials. With this more expensive price comes many advantages. A zinc roof has a 150-year lifespan.

It also has corrosion resistance with the right sealant. Its coating can also heal from any damage.


  • Per sq ft – $3.25 – $14.65
  • $1,700 sq ft – $5,525 – $24,905

Tin is less popular than most other types of metal roofing. However, it still has great corrosion resistance and durability.

Metal roofing suppliers can add different customizations to tin roofing as well. They can paint them or left them to create a gray patina from oxidization.


  • Per sq ft – $3.25 – $5.75
  • $1,700 sq ft – $5,525 – $9,775

Aluminum has two major cost advantages. As installing this material is easy, the labor price will be cheap. This is on top of the already cheap price of the metal.

In addition, aluminum is an excellent choice for coastal homes. This metal resists much of the damages that can come from saltwater.

Corrugated Metal

  • Per sq ft – $1.80 – $2.50
  • $1,700 sq ft – $3,060 – $4,250

Corrugated metal roofing is the best choice if you want a cheaper roofing type. This type can also expand and contract easily with temperature changes. Most of these roofing types are also lightweight.

Consider, though, that metal roofing manufacturers make corrugated metals with a variety of different metals. The metals used in a mix can affect durability, price, and weight.

Metal Roof Extras

Certain additions can affect your roofing’s appearance or longevity. This can be very helpful, but it can add to the expense of the total cost. You can read about the cost of some of these additions below.


  • Per sq ft – $1.20 – $2.72
  • 1,700 sq ft – $2,040 – $4,624

Metal roof colors can vary without being painted beforehand. However, you can also hire a professional to paint your roof as well. This price can vary depending on factors like the shape of your roof.


  • Per sq ft (Stone-Coated) – $7.64
  • 1,700 sq ft – $12,988

If you buy roofing materials that are stone-coated, you benefit from several advantages. These coatings can help with the roof’s overall appearance and durability.

The resulting roofing material is also very sustainable. It can prevent heat from getting inside the building.

Metal Roof Cost Estimates

Be sure to create a reasonable budget for the price of your dream roof. This will help you decide what you can have and not have. You may need to make some sacrifices, but it’s never worth going into extreme debt.

If you need more help on roof price estimates, contact us. We can give you price estimates for each metal roof cost in your area.


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