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How to Maintain Your Metal Roof

This year, the Sheet-Metal Roofing Manufacturing industry is worth $1.2 billion in revenue. The market size has grown to about 14 percent.

Nobody wants their home or business roof to look old, dirty, and damaged. If you have already incurred the roof installation cost, you must maintain it well. By doing so, your roof will last longer.

But do you know how to maintain your metal roof? Read on this guide to learn everything you need to know about the subject.

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Surface Maintenance

This consists of tasks that you can and can’t do. For instance, roof inspection may require the service of professionals.

As a property owner, you can do this kind of maintenance on your own, but you must remember there are maintenance professionals you can hire. They are well trained and will safely maintain your roof.

When doing the occasional maintenance, you must consider your safety. The roof might get slippery when wet. The frequency of roof maintenance will vary depending on the region. For instance, homes in a milder climate may require one-time roof cleaning every 18 months.

To ensure your metal roof continues to perform well, here are some of the surface level maintenance your roof may require:

Clean off Dirt, Stain, and Other Elements

They are plenty of potentially harmful elements that can stick to the surface of your roof.
Removing such dirt or debris on the surface of your roof could possibly extend the life of your roof.

Also, remember to remove debris that gets stuck on your roof valleys and other low slopes.

Though this may seem easy, it needs to be done safely and correctly. Roof panels can get damaged if not handled properly.

Clean Gutters and Drains

These are the spots you will most likely find leaves, sticks, and other debris build-ups. If left unattended, the debris can lead to clogging when water pools.

The pooling of water could also cause premature roof corrosion. Thus, it is essential to clean your gutters and drains at least once a year and prevent such a situation.

Remove Tree Branches Touching the Roof Surface

If your home is beneath trees, you must consider eliminating all branches touching and scratching your roof surface. The scratching or scuffing could finally lead to corrosion of the paint system, which is usually not covered in the warranty.

Ensure no Other Metal Material Is Touching Your Roof

Other metal materials could potentially put an end to your roof. Though it seems unlikely to occur, it can lead to early degradation of your roof.

When different material comes into contact with the roof surface and then an electrolyte like water is added, a chemical reaction is initiated that will lead to galvanic corrosion, ultimately leading to corrosion of your roof.

It would be best to be cautious when other traders such as plumbers, electricians, or satellite dish installers decide to perpetuate into your roof. Any installation added to a roof surface should only be handled under the scrutiny of metal roof installers.

Structural Maintenance

Do you want to reap the benefits of metal roof installation? Then, you must consider this type of maintenance. However, it requires a professional service.

But how often should you do structural maintenance? It has no fixed timeline.

It simply depends on the type of roof and the stress it is subjected to. Some things that necessitate this kind of service include stresses caused by wind, hail, temperature fluctuation, among other things.

Some of the issues a contractor can fix during structural maintenance include:

Fixing Fasteners, Rivets, and Screws

These items are designed to withstand years of roofing systems.

However, it is still vital to check them regularly to ensure they are not loose, crooked, or missing. The fasteners, rivets, and screws should be inspected once per year. This is because they can buckle outward due to expansion, and expansion happens over time.

Fixing Loose or Separating Panel Seams

You must ensure that the integrity of panels and seams remains intact.

Ensure that the seams haven’t loosened, dislodged, or moved away from the original position. A contractor should also allot enough space for expansion and contraction movement.

Replacing Sealant

Sealants are mainly used to block dirt, water, and wind from getting into small spaces, and thus making your roof weather tight.

Some sealants, such as non-cracking or UV-resistant options, can last for an extended period. However, some sealants need to be replaced in some roof spots.

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Check Around Penetration Points

At the penetration points, you need to check the degradation of rubber flashing. UV rays can break covering material installed around air vents, chimneys, and others areas over time.

Apart from checking the flashing, your contractor should also ensure the flashing hasn’t exposed the paint or the metal to degrading materials such as other metals or chemicals.

Look for Puncture

A puncture can be caused by falling debris, especially in areas prone to winds, tornadoes, or hurricanes. Thus, your contractor must ensure any puncture is repaired.

Hire Metal Roof Maintenance Service Today

Regular metal roof maintenance is essential for preserving and protecting your investment. Such roof care will make your roof continue performing well and reduce the cost of future repairs.

However, always use professional roof maintenance services for the best result.

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