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7 Major Signs You Need a Roof Repair

There have been years where the roofing industry has grown by 16% in a single year.

There’s always more work, so don’t think roof repair is rare. If you own your own home there is a good chance that you could have to deal with it yourself this year. Roofs get damaged from high wind and storms all the time, but age catches up with even the best shingle.

If you’re unsure of whether or not you need roof repair, here are some of the signs that you should look out for.

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1. Damaged Shingles

Take the time every few months to look at your roof and see if any damage has occurred to the shingles. If the shingles are damaged you’ll notice cracks or missing tabs. Another clear indication is the presence of broken bits of shingle in your yard.

In addition to checking every few months, make sure to check the roof after every major storm. A single severe weather event is enough to damage any roof. Hail, high winds, and flying debris are major causes of shingle damage every year.

When shingles become damaged they can begin to let in water and the weather. This can cause damage to the internal structure of your home. Don’t let a damaged roof destroy your home, roof issues can become structural issues in the blink of an eye.

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2. Sagging Roof

There is more to the roof than shingles, in fact, roof repair services often have to repair or replace large sections of the wooden structure. The main culprit behind this type of damage is rot or moisture damage. When water gets in, the wood below the shingles can get wet and wet wood can become a big problem.

You may notice this on the eve of your roof, looking straight up at it from the ground. While that is possible, it is more common to see a sagging section as you approach the house. If you’re doing regular inspections you may begin to notice a segment of the roof in the center or near valleys and peaks begin to sag.

This sagging must be replaced because it puts undue stress on the roof. Once water starts to get in somewhere on your roof it won’t stop. This is one of the roof problems that you don’t want to have happen to you.

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3. Sludge or Asphalt in the Gutters

A good roof will last for decades, but asphalt shingles break down over time. As they begin to break down water and wind will push the disintegrating pieces of shingle into the gutters. When these pieces mix with water it can clog the gutters or prevent them from working right.

It is possible for this to be the first sign of damage or roofing issues that you find. Often when the shingles reach this stage of decay there’s no remedy beyond having the roof replaced. When you speak to your roofing company make sure to describe what you’ve found.

A good roof repair service will be able to find out what and where the problem is. Even before they find the problem, you can always ask for an estimate based on the size and shape of your roof.

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4. Warping or Bowing Rafters

A problem that you can see from a visual inspection, the roof will begin to change shape. When you notice that parts of the roof are jutting out and other parts appear to be sagging, you know a new roof is in order. This is often caused by the invasion of moisture over time, causing the wood to warp or rot.

If this problem isn’t fixed the roof will continue to separate from the top of the house. This means that more water and more outside wind will begin to infiltrate the house. This can cause tremendous damage at worst, and at best will cause your heating and cooling bills to rise.

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5. Leaks and Water Stains

Not every roof leak is going to be noticeable at first. Sometimes you will begin to see discolorations on the walls and ceilings around a leak. This is a clear indication that water is invading your home and then evaporating within the walls or attic.

If you notice this kind of damage, act fast. It won’t take long for the water damage to spread, possible mold to grow or further structural damage to occur.

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6. Visible Light

If you can see light spilling out from underneath the roof it is time to get some serious repairs. This kind of damage can be caused by a lot of things, even a settling house can unseat the roof. You will notice this type of damage by doing a walk around your house with the lights on inside.

If a roof isn’t snugly fitting to the top of a home, it serves almost no purpose. As houses age, they settle and this can cause the house to even shift on its foundation. For damage like this, you could be looking at extensive roof repair.

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7. Paint Peeling

On exterior walls, water damage caused by a faulty roof can cause the paint to flake off. If you notice paint flaking away or bubbling up from the surface of the wood of your home you are having roof issues. Water is getting down into the wood, causing it to shift and expand which breaks up the layers of paint.

It could be that only a few shingles were compromised, but having a professional take a look is the best way to know for sure. Peace of mind that your home isn’t suffering further damage can take a load of stress off your shoulders.

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Roof Repair and Your Roof

Just like many repairs that are necessary the sooner you catch the problem the better. Roof repair can save you tons of money and time on cleaning up mold or other contaminants. Don’t wait until the problem is causing more problems.

If you need any help, an estimate or advice contact us and request a quote.

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  1. How interesting that a roof lasts so long but asphalt shingles will break down. We have had some trouble with leaks in our roof the last month. I will find a good roofing service to assist locally.

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