7 Expert Tips for Choosing the Right Roof Shingle Color

roof shingle color

Are you reroofing your home? You should consider a roof option that adds value to your property. So much of your roof will be visible, meaning you select the right roof shingle color.

The average roof costs $6,771 to replace, so you’ll need your new roof choice to count. You wouldn’t want to end up with a roof you don’t like after such spending, right? Part of the decision is going through the best colors for roof shingles.

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In choosing the right shingle color, you’re able to better the resale value of your property. Besides enhancing the curb appeal, the ideal roof shingle color expresses your personality. The many available options make choosing confusing, and you’ll have to hack it.

A new roof is a significant investment, so be sure you get what you really want – and what looks best! Check out these 7 tips on how to choose roof shingle colors.

1. Seek to Complement Your Home’s Architecture

Depending on your home’s architectural style, you ought to select a roof to complement it. The home’s architectural style is therefore integral for choosing the shingle’s color.

Certain roofing materials and colors fit best on specific types of homes. As a result, your home’s architecture demands a particular “look” for the roof.

Below are the color combinations ideal for different home types;

Classic homes go well with black or dark blends to reconcile with their grand appearance.

Brighter colors, like rusty orange, relate to the contemporary style and Victorian homes. These colors stem from traditional clay tiles and help blend into your surroundings.

Green or brown blends are the perfect fit for Plantation homes.

Blue roofs work well for the beach houses to complete the nautical theme for the home.

Picking the correct roof shingle color saves you replacement costs in the long run. You won’t have to tear it down after installation. Get roofing estimates to know the cost implications before starting the installation.

2. Ensure Consistency With Neighbors

What roof colors do your neighbors have? You might want to check the nearby roofs to consider a shingle color that blends in.

Neighboring homes mostly have similar styles, although their facings might spot different hues. You’ll notice the same color roofing in such neighborhoods for a cohesive and appealing look. Don’t break the consistency; you might not love the results.

Ensuring consistency with neighbors betters the curb appeal for the whole street. You wouldn’t want your home to stand out for the wrong reasons, since it affects the property value. Most buyers avoid houses that don’t harmonize with the neighborhood, so you’ll have trouble selling it.

3. Light Vs. Dark Shingles

How much attention do you want to draw to your home? An unpopular opinion is that dark roofs draw more attention than lighter colors. The debate of dark vs light colored roof shingles is never-ending, so go for balance in your pick.

When choosing asphalt roofs, it’s advisable to select a darker color than the body of your house.

A balance in the home appearance is critical; thus offsetting attention. With the roof dominating the home’s overall appearance, it’s vital to ensure visual balance.


Multi-level homes do well with darker roofs to achieve balance with the house’s height.

Ranch homes are larger, but mainly feature single-story houses. They’re thus best suited with medium to light colors, so as not to look “all roof.”

If you’ve got dormers in your home, darker shingle tones are great for drawing attention to them.

4. Know When to Use Color Blends

The pattern is as much a factor as color when it comes to roof compatibility. It’s, therefore, necessary to try color blends, but you should know how to apply them.

Asphalt shingle lines come in solid color blends. Unless you’re using metal roofs, it can be necessary to use color blends to create patterns for your roofing. Patterns allow you to end up with a fantastic roof; the trick is to avoid clashing.

If your home is heavily textured, it’s best if you’d choose a monochromatic roof color. Great color blend combinations allow you to have a unique exterior for your home.

Be careful with color blends! It can be challenging to coordinate patterns and will need you to be bold. These patterns are impressive but can be costly for roof repairs.

5. Coordinate With Siding and Shutters

All colors must work together for a visually appealing look. Ensure your home’s exterior coordinates with the siding and shutters.

Dark siding with an equally dark roof can create a bland outlook due to lack of contrast. You could instead ensure contrast, like brown shingles for a beige siding. Your home gets an interesting look since the contrast ties the whole exterior look.

6. Consider Your Area’s Climate Needs

As a popular thumb rule, dark colors absorb heat while light colors reflect it. You should apply this principle to choosing your roof’s shingle color to meet your area’s climate needs.

The color of your shingles influences the attic temperatures. Darker roofs increase heat absorption in the home. As a result, you run high energy bills trying to keep the house cool in the summer.

Light shingles are therefore best suited for warmer climates.

7. Ensure They Meet Local Building Standards

Did you know that there exist requirements regarding roofing in your community? Make sure you’re aware of any existing rules before making changes to your roof.

The color and style of your roof should match the homeowners’ association requirements. The controls work to influence property value and create neighborhood appeal. Ensure your roof replacement complies with the rules, or you risk incurring some expensive roof repairs.

Consider the Above Expert Tips for Choosing the Right Roof Shingle Color

Picking a roof shingle color doesn’t always have to be an uphill task. Utilize the above expert tips for choosing among the different color roof shingles. In making a proper selection, you better your curb appeal and improve your home value.

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  1. My husband and I are trying to decide what kind of roof and what color we should put on the house we’re having built. I appreciate your tip to check the roofs of your neighbors so that your house can blend in. We’ll have to make sure to do that and maybe check with a roofing company about what our other options might be.

  2. You make a great point about how dark siding with a dark roof can make it look bland. I need to get brown shingles put on. I’ll have to hire someone with good online reviews to do it for me.

  3. My fiance and I bought a house together last week, and we want to start renovating it before our wedding arrives. We’re glad you explained it’s smart to consider our house’s siding and shutters when selecting our new shingles, so we’ll keep it in mind for sure. Thanks for the advice on replacing our house’s shingles and how to find the right colors for us.

  4. Wow, we didn’t know we could use different colors for our roof’s shingles. Recently, my fiance and I decided we’d like to invest in a new roof for our house, so we’re looking for design ideas, and we think your article will definitely help us out. We appreciate your intake on using color blends for shingle designs and how to coordinate them successfully.

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