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Your roof made it through the last storm with a few minor leaks, but what happens when the wind starts to pick up during the rainy season in San Diego, CA?

Spend less time thinking about permanent damage and enjoy your home today. Look at options for getting that roof fixed or even replaced.

Do you live in San Diego, CA, and need a company that offers financing for roof replacements? If so, here are some of the best roofing companies with payment plans.

Questions to Ask a Roofing Company About Financing

Compare Roof Prices and Save

Special Promotions

To attract new customers, roofing companies often promote special offers discounts, and financing. You may find a roofing contractor near San Diego, CA, looking to further expand its customer base.

During the off-season, work is a little slower. You may be able to negotiate a better price with your roofing contractor.

Don’t be afraid to ask if there is a discount for being a local customer. Roofing companies with payment plans in San Diego, CA, may be willing to offer special savings because they also save money in travel to the job site.

Down Payment

If you are financing, it is usually expected that you will need to make a deposit or down payment of 5%-20% before work begins.

This deposit is a good-faith gesture that protects you and the roofing company.

First, by making a deposit, you are definitely on the roofing company’s schedule for work. This protects you from delays in work beginning. Once a deposit is made, ask the roofing company to include a start and finish date in your contract.

The roofing contractor is also protected because the deposit will be used to purchase materials that can be returned or used on another job if you change your mind.

Payment Options

If a standard down payment and full payment at the end of the job are not in your budget, don’t be afraid to ask about deferred payment options.

Remember that roofing companies with payment plans do not want to lose a job because of financing.

Roofing companies with payment plans will sometimes finance loans for a roof replacement project with their own capital. They may be willing to negotiate a contract that gives you six months to a year to repay with a deposit and monthly payments.

You can also ask for a breakdown of payments over the course of the job. For example, 20% down, 40% after materials are delivered, and 40% when the job is complete.

Interest Rates

It’s essential that you fully understand the interest rates being offered by the roofing company.

A low-interest rate may be offered over a specified number of months.  Make sure that you understand if the rate will increase and by how much if you cannot make full payment in the time given.

Also, do your homework and ensure that the interest rate being offered is competitive with local banks in the area.

What Else Should You Know About Roof Replacement Companies in San Diego, CA?

In addition to financing questions, you will also want to consider the following:


How long has this roofing company been in business?  Complete an Internet search and find out what previous customers have to say about the quality of work received.

You can also save time using an estimated service that can give you reliable information about roofing companies in San Diego, CA.


Roof replacement is a serious investment that will safeguard your home and add value if you decide to sell your house.

  1. You want to make sure that the work will be done right.  Ask if installers are licensed or hold special certifications for different types of roofing installation materials. Many roofing manufacturers insist on special training for the installation of their materials.


You will also want to ask if the contractor has a particular brand that is used or can select the manufacturer of your choice.

You will also want to know if there are a warranty and the terms of coverage. How does the contractor handle complaints about the installation that may occur six months later?


If you have ever had a roof replacement or witnessed one, you know there will be many debris to clean up from old materials being removed.

Who will be responsible for hauling the debris away? What safeguards are used to prevent old nails and staples from ending up in your yard?

Compare Roofing Companies With Payment Plans in San Diego, CA

Get started with finding a roofing company that offers the best service and financing for your roof replacement. Here are three companies to consider:

619 Roofing

2122 West Mission Rd, Escondido, Ca 92029

Many financing options

  • References and Customer Testimonials
  • Licensed and Special Certifications
  • Warrantied Work

Roofing Specialists of San Diego

7905 Silverton Ave, Suite 112
San Diego, California 92126

  • Many financing options
  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Licensed and Special Certifications
  • !00% Guarantee

Preman Roofing – Solar

875 34th St. San Diego, CA 92102

  • Many financing options
  • Over 20 years of local experience
  • Licensed
  • Multiple warranties offered

Find the Best Roofing Companies With Payment Plans in San Diego, CA

When you are making a big investment in your home, such as replacing an old roof, you want to be sure you are well informed.

Many companies will offer free estimates, but as you can see, there are a lot of other considerations that you need to ask about before committing to a contract for work and financing.

Instead of hopping from site to site to answer these questions, use a reliable referral service to get the best estimates for roofing companies with payment plans in San Diego, CA.