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Looking for local roofing companies that will let you spread the cost of a new roof or roof repair? Here’s who you can work with in Philly.

So, that little leak in your roof has now turned into a spigot. It’s time to start checking out prices for roof replacement that won’t have you tapping out your time.

What to Ask Roofing Companies About Financing in Philadelphia, PA

New roof financing is no joke. Depending on the type of roof you have and if it needs a full replacement, it could set you back a few grand.

When you start looking for new roof financing, be ready with these questions to get the best deal.

Special Promotions

Roof work can be done any time of year, but sometimes you can get a better price during cooler months when roofers are trying to avoid the blistering heat or get ahead of the competition for work throughout the year.

Finance New Roof

Ask if the manufacturer of the roofing material is offering a special discount. Always ask because a manufacturer may be promoting a new product line or clearing out inventory.

Local roofing companies that finance in Philadelphia, PA may also offer a new customer discount. If you are local, you’ve got family and friends that you can refer if they do a good job. It’s good business to attract new local customers.

Down Payment

For roof replacement financing, you can expect that you will have to pay out some money upfront. A partial payment is needed to get materials and get your job put on the roofing contractor’s schedule.

A down payment or deposit is typically 5-20%. Then, payment in full is expected after the job is completed.

Payment Plans

If a standard down payment and full payment at the end of the job are not in your budget, don’t be afraid to ask about payment plans.

Keep in mind that a roof replacement company doesn’t want to lose a job because of financing. Many companies offer their own financing and work with local banks to get you a great monthly payment plan.

Interest Rates

Finding local roofing companies that offer great prices and payment plans is great, but make sure the interest rate being offered is competitive with other lending programs or banks.

Also, say that a 0% interest loan is offered and you can have 6 months to pay it off. Ask how much the interest rate increases if you don’t pay it off on time.

What Else Should You Know About Roof Replacement Companies in Philadelphia, PA?

Your house might be your most valuable investment. What you care about is under that roof, so make sure it’s done right.


Philly has some unique roofs that come in flat or steeply pitched with different types of sealants that work well for the local weather. Find out how long a local roofing company has been in business and also how long they have been working in Philadelphia, PA.

Do a little Internet research and find out how the roofing company scores on customer ratings. Do they have a good rating with The Better Business Bureau? How does the contractor handle complaints about the installation that may occur six months later?

You can ask around, but what if the type of material or your style of roof isn’t the same as who you’re asking? You may not even need a full roof replacement but just some repair work.

A referral service that does the research for you and gives you estimates might be a better use of your time.


There are strict regulations in Philadelphia, PA about roof replacement and repair work. Make sure your contractor is aware of permits that require inspection that meets certification specs required by the manufacturer.

All local roofing companies must be licensed. Ask if installers have any specialized training that meets the manufacturer’s installation instructions.


Whether it’s shingle, rubber roofing, or hot asphalt, local roofing companies will know which materials work the best on your type of roof. If they’ve been in business awhile, they will also know the best manufacturers to use and have training for specific applications.

Also, you will want to know if there is a warranty for the materials being used and also for the work completed. Most manufacturers provide a warranty for their materials but be sure to ask the contractor what guarantees are offered on the installation.


Within city limits, local roofing companies must also follow code for disposal of old material and waste. You will also want to ask about how the company keeps old nails and staples out of your yard.

Compare Roofing Companies With Payment Plans in Philadelphia, PA

Finding roofing companies that finance can be a job in itself. Here is a list of 3 reliable roofing companies that might be contenders.

Seal Roofing

4210 G St.
Philadelphia, PA 19124

  • 30+ years of local experience
  • Licensed and multiple manufacturer certifications
  • Flexible financing
  • Customer testimonials

Check out their portfolio of recent work.

Premier Roofing Replacement Services, LLC

138 Wyandotte Street
Lester, PA 19029

  • 40+ years of local experience
  • Licensed and certified in treatment applications
  • Offers 12 months same as cash financing
  • Customer testimonials

They also offer 24/7 emergency roof repair and preventative maintenance.

Liberty Roofing

7800 Rockwell Ave.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19111

  • 20+ years of local experience
  • Licensed and multiple manufacturer certifications
  • Financing available
  • A+ rating from Better Business Bureau

Offers both rubber roofing and hot asphalt options.

Find the Best Roofing Companies With Payment Plans in Philadelphia, PA

As you’re searching for local roofing companies that finance, refer back to the advice given in this article. New roof financing doesn’t have to be complicated or break the bank.

For reliable estimates that can save you time in finding reputable local roofing companies in Philly, we’ve got you covered.