Roofing Companies With Payment Plans Houston, TX | Get Financed

Are you looking for a roofing company near Houston that offers a payment plan to help spread the cost? This guide will help you find financing and low-rate options to replace your roof.

Below you will find several reputable companies that offer financing options. You may reach out to them directly or request a quote from us and we will help you compare financing options from roofers near you.

Is your home long overdue for a roof replacement?

Houston’s weather is known for its hot summers, intense storms, and sticky humidity. Unfortunately, these factors shorten your roof’s lifespan, leading to shingle disintegration, tile cracks, mold, and costly repairs.

One way to combat Houston’s harsh weather is to protect your roof in advance. Spring is the perfect time to get all your much-needed roofing repairs out of the way before that summer humidity hits.

Fortunately, you don’t have to wait to get started on repairs. Roofing payment plans are available for Houston homeowners, regardless of credit score.

Let’s take a look at Houston’s favorite financing options.

1-JC&C Roofing Company Loans

First on the list is the JC&C Roofing Company, located at 1220 Blalock RD STE 316. Family-owned and operated, JC&C specializes in residential shingle roof replacements and repairs.

They’re also known for their flexible monthly Roofing payment plans, starting as low as $95 per month. JC&C offers an impressive range of payback terms, beginning with six months and ranging as high as 180 months.

Payment plans come with their own terms and rates. For example, if you get a 6-month term loan, you won’t pay any interest rates until after 120 months have passed, after which you’ll start accruing interest at 9.99%. The 12-month payment plan also has 0% interest.

If you choose the 18-month financing plan, you can enjoy deferred interest on your monthly payments. The 24-month financing option also features 0% interest on equal loan payment amounts.

If you choose either the 120-month or 180-month payment plans, you’ll be charged 9.99% interest.

2-Professional Roof Applicators Inc. Loans

Next up is Houston company, Professional Roof Applicators Inc. Along with roofing work, this roofing company also provides gutter and siding services.

They also understand that certain roofing projects are outside the scope of many homeowners’ budgets. That’s why they offer 0% financing with flexible roofing payment plans and no money down.

Qualifying customers may also be eligible for deferred interest or zero-interest loans. You can also apply for extended payment terms.

Estimate your expected costs first and review your current credit standing; both of these factors help determine loan eligibility and rates.

3-Rose Roofing Loans

Established in 1972, Rose Roofing is a familiar fixture in Houston. This family-owned and operated business offers a wide selection of services, including asphalt shingles, installation, storm damage repair, emergency repairs, and new roof replacements.

Rose Roofing also offers roof payment plans with limited lifetime warranties. Rose works with a network of lenders to provide roof financing for projects ranging from $1,000 to $100,000.

APR rates are determined by credit score, with rates starting as low as %5. However, all credit scores are considered during the approval process.

4-Greenlight Roofing Loans

Greenlight Roofing is another top-rated Houston company, providing roof repairs, installation, flat roof system replacement, asphalt shingles, gutter services, and even house painting.

Greenlight is also known for its fast and flexible roofing payment plans with no money down. Customers can borrow up to $100,000 in financing and aren’t required to put down any home equity. You’re not subject to prepayment penalties, either.

Another perk is that borrowers who make under $20,000 don’t have to show any proof of income to apply for financing. They also work with all credit score ranges to find a loan for your needs.

5-Houston Roofing & Construction

Are you looking for fast financing? Sometimes roofing work can’t wait. Luckily, Houston Roofing & Construction prides itself on speedy financing with flexible roofing payment plans.

Houston Roofing works with a network of lenders, totaling more than ten financing options.

APR ranges from 6.74% at the lowest to 13.95% at the highest for selected 5-month payment plans. Monthly payments also vary between plans, with some plans requiring payments as low as $350 to as high as $893.

While Houston Roofing offers a wider selection of financing options, loans total to $20,000, whereas other roofing companies offer to finance up to $100,000.

Borrowers can also expect to pay anywhere from $1,434 to $8,625 in interest, depending on their roof payment plan. Remember to calculate interest when estimating your total roofing costs. Your credit score helps determine financing rates, so go for the plan with the lowest APR for your score.

6-STX Roofing & Construction

Next on the list is STX Roofing & Construction, a local Houston roofing company known for its 10-year “no leak” warranty. STX provides a range of residential and commercial roofing services, including siding, gutter, exterior home painting, and fencing services.

You’re in luck if you need a roof payment plan. STX offers payment plans for as low as $99 a month. They also work with a top lending network that provides financing for all credit score ranges.

Tips for Choosing Roofing Payment Plans

With so many financing options available, which is the best one for your project?

There are several factors to consider when choosing financing:

Putting off repairs and replacements can be more expensive in the long term. Calculate how much you’ve spent on repairs thus far and compare that cost to a new roof. New roofs are built to withstand Houston’s weather, while older roofs accumulate more costly damages.

Think about household finances and choose the best repayment terms for your financial needs and schedule. Calculate the total cost of your roofing needs first before applying for a loan. The best way to do this is to gather free quotes from roofing companies.

Consider your total job estimate, credit score, annual income, current debts, and a realistic payment schedule. Remember to read payment plan terms carefully, so you don’t lose your 0% financing perks.

Discover the Right Roof Financing Option

You’re one step closer to securing the financing you need to get a new roof. Remember these tips as you decide among roofing payment plans, and request plenty of free quotes to compare.

Are you ready to get a move on your project? Start requesting free quotes to discover the right Houston roofing contractors for the job!