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Do you live in Chicago, IL and need a company that offers financing for roof replacements? If so, here are the best roofing companies with payment plans.

Chicago is famous for its “windy city” moniker, but winds are the least of residents’ weather concerns. In fact, powerful winds didn’t inspire the name at all; it was the city’s politicians who earned Chicago its nickname.

Despite the real origin story behind Chicago’s name, residents do experience winds up to 50 MPH or more; strong winds are especially detrimental for old roofs, but the city’s frigid winters and scorching, humid summers also do their fair share of damage.

To avoid mounting repair costs, Homeowners should replace old roofing before summer. Thankfully, there are roofing companies with payment plans that can help homeowners quickly.

Learn more about your roof financing options in the following guide.

List of Roofing Companies With Financing

1-Stanley Roofing Company

First on the list is Stanley Roofing Company, located at 29277 N 77th Ave. Stanley serves Chicago and over a dozen surrounding locations, including Prospect Heights, Aurora, New Lennox, and more.

Stanley specializes in roofing repair, replacements, and roof construction. Stanley can construct various roof styles, like pitched roofs, for single-family homes and other properties.

Customers often inquire about financing for larger roofing jobs, but financing is also available for routine repairs or any other roofing work.

Stanley also offers popular customized roof payment plans, allowing homeowners to pay in easy installments. After requesting a free estimate, discover Stanley’s budget-friendly financing solutions.

Homeowners can expect quick service, ideal for emergency roofing disasters.

Stan’s Roofing & Siding

Founded in 1967, this family-owned and operated roofing company is a local favorite among homeowners. Stan has two locations, one at 8211 West 133rd Street in Orland Park and another location in Romeoville.

This top-ranked local company provides a wide selection of roofing services, including gutter and siding work. Customers enjoy high-quality hail damage repairs, gutter installations, roof replacements, vinyl and fiber cement siding, shingle roofing, and more.

There’s also help for homeowners looking for roofing companies with payment plans. Stan’s Roofing & Siding offers financing through its impressive network of lenders. Customers can find quick loans that fit their budget, whether they need emergency repairs or full roof replacements.

Customers are charged 0% interest if financing is paid back in full within a year. Applicants with approved credit are eligible for a reduced 6.99% interest rate for five years. Borrowers can also expect an annual percentage rate (APR) of 7.15%.

RK Roofing

Located in Bensenville, RK Roofing provides all essential roofing services, including gutter, skylight, window, and door repair services. RK is a great choice for homeowners who need more remodeling options.

RK’s roofing service includes all important repairs, like flashing repair and routine maintenance. Customers can book new roof installations and full shingle roof replacements.

Eco-friendly homeowners also have green roofing options, like energy-efficient metal roofing, solar ventilation fans, and solar shingles.

High-quality green roofing is a large project. Luckily, RK provides financing options for green roofing and other roofing services.

Customers can choose from over 30 different loans.

RK’s financing accommodates all credit ranges, including 580 FICO scores. Qualifying applicants are eligible for 0% interest rates the first year. Borrowers can also apply for deferred interest loans.

Best 4 U Roofing

Best 4 U Roofing prides itself on its quality craftsmanship, high industry ratings, speedy service, and affordable prices.

Located at 240 Industrial Ln in Wheeling, Best 4 U provides asphalt shingle, metal, tile, shake, slate, and flat roofing. They also offer a variety of commercial roofing and siding services.

Best 4 U can also finance full roof replacements and other significant roofing projects.

Leveraging a network of reputable lenders, Best 4 U offers qualified borrowers financing at 0% interest for the first six months. Homeowners can apply for no-interest financing for the first year of a 3-year payment plan. Borrowers may also be ​eligible for fixed 9.99% interest rates for more than 100 months.

Roofing by Hernandez

Located at 3033 N Clark St, Roofing by Hernandez provides a large selection of residential roofing services for homeowners, including essential repairs, installations, cleaning, snow and pest removal, replacements, hail and hail damage, ice dam repair, storm damage repair, and emergency services.

Roofing by Hernandez also finances new roofing construction, full replacements, general repairs, gutter work, and more essential services. Find out if you’re qualified, today!

Feldco’s Roofing

Established more than 50 years ago, this family-owned and operated roofing company is a favorite among customers.

Known for their value and friendly customer service, Feldco offers essential roofing services, including siding, windows, and door replacements. Customers enjoy top-rated repairs, maintenance, new installations, and complete roof replacements.

Fortunately, financing is also available for large roofing jobs, plus emergency repairs. Feldco’s finance department is standing by waiting to discuss financing options, providing more customized solutions for varying budgets.

Financing is determined by different factors, namely credit standing. To enjoy lower interest rates and generous repayment terms, applicants can follow tips to increase credit scores quickly. Lower credit scores typically result in higher interest rates.

Tips for Getting Roof Financing in Chicago

The more options available, the easier it is to find a budget-friendly loan. Use this guide to compare and contrast several roofing companies with payment plans.

Consider all factors, including home size, roofing square footage, job completion time, longevity, weather, and personal finances. Planning ahead is essential if borrowers want to score a substantial, low-interest loan.

Borrowers who have additional needs, like gutter and siding repairs, should consider companies that specialize in multiple areas. Make sure there’s plenty of time to improve credit scores and complete work before those Chicago summers and winters take hold.

Discover the Best Roofing Companies with Payment Plans

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