How Much Does Roof Replacement Cost in Tulsa, OK?

Depending on the type of roofing material and the size of your roof, homeowners in Tulsa will pay between $5,490 and $11,625 for a full roof replacement. The local average cost to repair a roof currently averages $375. Most roofs will last 30 – 50 years, but at some point, they will need replacement. If you’re looking for roofing prices near you, get started below.

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Local Weather Impacts Lifespan of Roofs

If you’re looking for a temperate climate with lots of rain and four distinct seasons, then Tulsa is the place to be! With summers getting up into the 90s and winters getting down below freezing, there’s always something going on here.

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When to Consider Roof Replacement in Tulsa, OK

As a homeowner in Tulsa, OK, your roof is an essential part of your property. You might be wondering when it’s time to consider replacing it. Well, there are some telltale signs that your roof needs a makeover. For instance, if your roof has missing or damaged shingles, water leaks, or if it’s over 20 years old, it’s time to think about a roof replacement.

Benefits of Roof Replacement in Tulsa, OK

Why should you consider investing in a new roof? Here are some of the key benefits that come with a roof replacement in Tulsa, OK:

  • Improved energy efficiency: A new roof can help lower your energy bills by better insulating your home and keeping it cooler during hot summers and warmer during chilly winters.
  • Increased home value: A new roof can significantly increase the value of your property, making it more attractive to potential buyers.
  • Enhanced curb appeal: A new roof can give your home a fresh look and boost its overall appearance.
  • Reduced maintenance costs: With a new roof, you’ll likely experience fewer repairs and maintenance issues, saving you both time and money in the long run.

Choosing the Right Material for Your Roof Replacement

Now that you know the benefits of a roof replacement, it’s time to choose the right material. In Tulsa, OK, there are several popular options to choose from, each with its pros and cons:

  1. Asphalt shingles: This is a popular choice due to its affordability and ease of installation. However, it may not be as durable as other materials.
  2. Metal roofing: Metal roofs are known for their durability and energy efficiency. They can be more expensive upfront but often have a longer lifespan than asphalt shingles.
  3. Wood shakes: These offer a unique, natural appearance but may require more maintenance and can be more expensive than other options.

In the end, the choice depends on your budget, personal preferences, and desired durability. Don’t be afraid to ask for expert advice and get multiple quotes before making a decision.

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Tulsa, OK Roofing Companies

Tulsa, Oklahoma is a big city with a lot of building opportunities. Because of this, there are many roofing companies that work in the area. Finding one to do your next roof can be difficult if you don’t know where to look or even start looking, but luckily there are plenty of professionals to choose from in this beautiful city.

Reliable Roofers in Tulsa, OK

If you’re looking for reliable roofers near you, here are a few who have a great reputation and positive reviews.

Arrowhead Roofing
5810 S 118th E Ave Suite A
Tulsa, OK 74146

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T-Town Roofing
5770 E Skelly Dr
Tulsa, OK 74135

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A-Best Roofing
1411 E 3rd St
Tulsa, OK 74120

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Conrad’s Roofing
6247 E 15th St
Tulsa, OK 74112

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