Roofing Companies With Payment Plans Phoenix, AZ | Get Financed

Are you looking for a roofing company near Phoenix that offers a payment plan to help spread the cost? This guide will help you find financing and low-rate options to replace your roof.

Below you will find several reputable companies that offer financing options. You may reach out to them directly or request a quote from us and we will help you compare financing options from roofers near you.

With temperatures soaring above 110°F on the hottest days, your roof is vulnerable to thermal shock, material breakdown, shingle buckling, and tile cracking.

Age, wear and tear, storms, and tree accidents also cause serious (and expensive) roofing damage.

While a full replacement may be more cost-effective in the long run, it costs more money upfront, and costs are already a concern for homeowners who have so many expenses.

Fortunately, roofing financing is available for homeowners who need roof replacements or other work, including last-minute repairs. A roofing company can finance your project quickly too, so you don’t have to wait for a bank loan.

Discover Phoenix’s best roof financing options. Here is a list of 7 roofing companies that offer payment plans in Phoenix.

1-Thomas Roofing Loans

Located on 2320 Louise Drive, Thomas Roofing is a familiar face in the community. This family-owned and operated roofing company has served the Phoenix Metro Area for more than 35 years.

Thomas Roofing also assists homeowners by financing new roof installations and other roofing projects. They work with a network of lenders to help you find the best terms and rates possible.

The roof financing process starts with a free quote. After receiving an estimate for the total job, you can choose from one of many loans.

Loan options vary based on project cost and credit scores, with loans ranging from $1,000 to $100,000. Fortunately, Thomas Roofing has financing options for all credit score types.

Rates also vary by credit score and loan type, starting as low as 3.99%.

2-Stonecreek Roofing Loans

Stonecreek Roofing is another Phoenix favorite among homeowners. They also offer 24-hour emergency roofing services, so they’re always around to take your call.

This Phoenix roofing company provides up to $100,000 in financing for new roofs, with loans starting at $1,000. Financing covers shingle and tile roofing, as well as any other roofing service offered by Stonecreek.

Stonecreek offers generous payback terms, ranging from two to twelve years. All credit types are welcome, and borrowers enjoy rates as low as 4.99%. Plus, home equity isn’t necessary for loan approval.

3-In-Ex Designs Roofing Loans

Next up on the list is In-Ex Designs Roofing, a small, community-minded company in Phoenix. In-Ex prides itself on giving back to the community and also boasts an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

This popular local roofing company offers FDIC-insured financing with high approval rates. They also feature regular promotions and customer incentives for extra savings.

In-Ex offers three financing options and payment terms:

Option one is a 1-year term with no interest rates, and borrowers don’t have to pay a dime the first year.

The second option lets borrowers pay back financing over five years at 6.99% APR, and option three gives borrowers ten years to pay back financing at 9.99% APR.

4-TSM Roofing Loans

TSM roofing is another family-owned and operated favorite in Phoenix. This roofing company offers a variety of services, including residential roof repairs, shingle and tile roofing, and roof underlayment. Storm damage roof insurance is also available.

Fortunately, you don’t have to wait to start your roofing project. TSM offers full roof financing, starting at zero percent APR.

You can receive up to $100,000 financing and get your loan in just three days. In fact, many borrowers receive their loans in one day.

You don’t have to worry about prepayment penalties if you want to pay off your loan quickly, and TSM doesn’t require home equity from homeowners.

Start the financing process by requesting a free job estimate today.

5-KY-KO Roofing Systems

KY-KO Roofing Systems, located at 1912 W Parkside LN, also provides roof financing to Phoenix homeowners. This roofing company has been serving homeowners since 1994 and provides an impressive range of services, including shingle, tile, flat, foam, and commercial roofing.

If you need help paying for repairs or complete roof replacements, you can always look into financing.

KY-KO provides financing to customers with approved credit only. You may need to contact KO-KY directly if you’re concerned about credit score eligibility. However, their financing comes with zero interest rates and 12-month payback terms.

6-America Roofing Company Loans

Do you need quick residential or commercial roofing? Located at 1005 S 30th Ave in Phoenix, America Roofing Company provides new roofs, pitched roofing, inspections, repairs, flat roofing, and more services.

Financing is also available for applicants. Approved borrowers enjoy no interest for 12 months, but you must pay minimum monthly payments to keep your zero interest rate.

Approved credit is required for financing; however, loans are disbursed quickly after approval.

7-Payne Roofing Loans

Payne Roofing is another family-owned and operated small business in the Phoenix area. This top-rated roofing company has been serving the community for more than 33 years, offering such services as repairs, inspections, commercial roofing, and full roof replacements.

Payne specializes in shingle, tile, pitched, flat, emulsion, and protective spray foam roofing. You don’t have to wait long to enjoy your new roof, as Payne provides quick financing.

This roof financing plan comes with 12-month payback terms and no interest, plus you don’t have to pay for an entire year.

Tips for Choosing Financing

There are several roof financing options to consider in Phoenix.

Your first step is to estimate the total cost of your roofing project. For example, roofing repairs are less expensive than a complete roof replacement.

Next, weigh all of your funding choices, so you can enjoy the highest quality results at the lowest price. Compare and contrast interest rates, payback terms, APR, and credit eligibility.

Since credit scores help determine loan approval in some cases, you may want to review or improve your score before applying for loans with zero or low-interest rates.

Planning ahead always helps. Ensure you have enough funds to keep up with your payment plan, especially if you want to avoid high-interest rates.

Discover the Best Roofing Company Financing

You don’t have to put off much-needed roofing work anymore. Get financing from a roofing company and start your project right away!

Refer to this guide as you choose the right funding option for your needs, or request a free quote right now to find the best roof financing today.